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Permit requirements
• A Letter of appointment addressed to ZG Films that they will handle all the arrangements in Zanzibar
• A synopsis or script for submission with official application forms, Film Permit and Business Visas

We suggest you acquire a visa before your arrival in Tanzania. These are available from the Tanzanian embassy in your country. Visas are available on entry in Tanzania if you cannot organize one in advance.

In order to obtain a film permit, we require the following information:

• Personal info of each crew member (name, DOB, Profession, Passport number, Date and place of issue).
• Dates of arrival in Zanzibar and duration of shoot.
• List of TV and Film Equipment .
• Purpose of film .

Once all the information is ready, it can take from 3 working days to few weeks, depending on the film, to obtain the appropriate paperwork's in Zanzibar. Please note that Permits issued for Tanzania are not valid in Zanzibar.

If you wish to film in the Zanzibar archipelago, there is a separate application process, even if you have filming permits for mainland Tanzania. In Zanzibar, filming rights for 1 to 7 days costs $700 USD plus service charges.

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